Filmmaking is our passion.

When we’re not working on a video production, we’re either studying film or discussing film (sometimes heatedly). It’s what makes us different from our competition. We don’t just work in video production, we live for filmmaking.

the alucinor production team shane dean and stephen in perth filming the legalaid wa video when separating

Why hire filmmakers to make your video? (instead of ‘videographers’ or ‘cameramen’)

Simple, because we care about quality storytelling – not just capturing ‘adequate’ footage. Stories are interesting; they are compelling. Most significantly, they are engaging. Stories have an uncanny ability to capture people’s attention, and hold onto it. If you’re not treating your video like a narrative piece, it will have a hard time achieving its purpose. In a noisy, cluttered world stories get attention, and attention gets results. Filmmaking is about telling great stories on screen because great stories don’t just get attention, they move people.

The pursuit of quality

Modern audiences are spoilt. They have learned to expect high production quality from any video content they see. The implication for businesses and brands is simple: no quality, no audience. At Alucinor we are constantly striving to make every project as good as it can possibly be. Not only is it our pride that drives this imperative, but also basic economics: We can’t afford to make crap.

After eight years of working together we have no interest in ‘good enough’ and eagerly seek out opportunities to do exceptional work. We’ve carved out a niche for ourselves as a small crew producing work that is often the domain of larger (and more expensive) production crews.

If we’ve done our job right, your video will look more expensive than it was and like it took more people to create than it did.

Dedication to our craft

We’re dedicated students of filmmaking craft, but never let style and aesthetics take precedence over substance and message. For us, the language of film, from composition and lighting through to sound and music, are tools to harness in order to tell stories with as much power and impact as we can. Every day we are pushing ourselves to get better; every project is a chance to do great work. When we’re not working on a project, we are working on our filmmaking capabilities. This dedication to the craft of filmmaking is what creates the Alucinor edge.

Commitment to our clients

Our clients define our success. We constantly strive to ensure that every video we work on meets our clients’ expectations (which means we are elated when we manage to exceed them). The most effective way for us to create great work that our clients are satisfied with, is through open collaboration. Some of our best and most satisfying work has been the result of a collaborative effort between us and our clients. This has often meant that afterwards they’re eager to work with us again.

Meet the Team

Dean Butler

Director | Writer | Editor

Dean fell in love with film-making directing his first short film when he was 13. His passion for telling stories on screen led him to study scriptwriting and film at University and co-founding Alucinor Productions in 2007. He’s a perfectionist, never one to rest on his laurels Dean is always pushing himself to learn and improve and is as at home directing actors as he is behind the camera.

His short film ‘Absolution’ has recently received official selection at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Kansas City International Film Festival, Media Film Festival (Pennsylvania, USA), the Pasadena International Film Festival, Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival (Ireland) and screened as part of Revelations International Film Festival’s Australian Revelations.


Shane Piggott

Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Shane has always enjoyed movies and in particular the techniques used in feature films that have an emotional impact on an audience. This has given him the drive to study and learn about these techniques and enact them in everything he makes. To pursue his dream of making feature films he has attained a double major in film and television and scriptwriting and co-founded Alucinor Productions.

His passion for Cinematography has grown over the years and has become a focus of his work. He DP‘d the short film ‘Absolution‘ which has been accepted into several international film festivals. Never complacent, Shane is always aiming to improve his craft and continually strives to produce the highest possible quality productions he can.

Stephen Burge

Producer | Writer | Promotional Specialist

Stephen came to Alucinor with a strong background in marketing communications. He’s previously worked in multiple marketing roles with a variety of different brands from small businesses, to State Government Agencies, to major car brands such as BMW and MINI. In addition to his work with Alucinor, he is also a sessional university lecturer in marketing and advertising.

Stephen’s work with Alucinor involves work in all stages of production with emphasis on video promotion, producing, scriptwriting and assistant directing. Stephen is a strategist at heart with a profound fascination for what makes a film or video persuasive for an audience; and aims to one day live by the sea.



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