There are many different purposes for corporate videos; instruction & training, websites, communicating to investors and shareholders, recruitment, profiles, testimonials, public service messages, education etc.

Basically if you are a business or organisation wanting to produce video content that isn’t a TV Commercial; we call it a corporate video.

We believe in the mantra ‘Content is King’. Regardless of how much you pay for your production, if no one engages with it you’ve wasted your time and money. Success is determined by your audience and their attention must be earned. At Alucinor our focus is simple, to make your video as engaging as possible and achieve its purpose. (Otherwise why bother?) For us every project is a challenge to surpass our clients expectations whilst simultaneously making the process both rewarding and enjoyable. Don’t take our word for it, watch the client testimonials below.


Although we often work run-n-gun with little or no preparation with good results (a necessary and pivotal skill) our best films are the product of careful planning.

Projects that demand thorough creative input we coin branded storytelling. These are often commissioned content of a larger scale with a strong attention to detail; As well as an accomplished and consistent visual style with a clarity and punch to the message that is only accomplished through pre-production development.

Our approach is heavily influenced by cinema in process, technique and style. We are avid filmmakers so when we work with you we aren’t just ‘making a video’. In our eyes we’re creating a digital film and with that comes all of our passion and skill for telling a compelling story.

When you receive a quote or pitch from Alucinor those numbers aren’t transferrable to any production company. We are a unique production boutique.

As Liam Neeson famously proclaimed, “what I do have are a very particular set of skills.”


Alzheimer’s Australia: The Unspoken Impact of Dementia

From Campaign Brief: Local video production boutique, Alucinor Productions, recently helped Alzheimer’s Australia produce a video behind their social media effort to promote Dementia Awareness Month during September. The video is aimed at boosting awareness amongst Australians about dementia, and has received over 21,000 views over the duration of Dementia Awareness Month. In a mini-documentary […]

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The Power of Video: Some Clues from Brain Science

It seems like every week there are new statistics showing the benefits of using video content – particularly online. While stats can be interesting, they don’t necessarily answer the big question: why? Why is video such an effective form of communication? In a very interesting book, Brain Rules by John Medina, I found three possible […]

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10 Reasons Why Online Video Should Be In Your Marketing Plan

Have you ever considered promoting yourself with an Online Video? Perhaps you should. Now marketing has entered the digital era, online video is rapidly increasing in popularity with brands around the world. Here are 10 reasons why: 1) Reach & Frequency: Mass Media Essentials Digital technology has shaken up the Marketing Industry profoundly and the […]

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