Whilst much of our work is planned and scripted in house, we also offer freelance services for hire as Directors, DOPs/Cinematographers, Camera Operators and Editors.

Our shooting and editing experience ranges from TV and online commercials, court side promotional camera work at NBL games, narrative dramas, documentary interview shooting, instructional and educational videos, run-and-gun and live event coverage.


We are camera agnostic and choose what we feel is the best camera for any particular job within the constraints of budget. We currently most commonly shoot on Red Digital Cinema cameras, Canon DSLR’s and Sony large sensor cameras, but continue to shoot on other formats as well.

We don’t like being locked to one camera system as we feel it would restrict our ability to learn and create good work in different environments. It’s also important for us to become accustomed with the strengths and weaknesses of different cameras so we can select the best format to create the desired look for each project. In the old days a major factor impacting the look of a movie was the film stock you chose, nowadays the digital equivalent is which camera system.

Each job deserves to be looked at afresh. We try not to bring too much baggage into any shoot and make it fit “our way” of shooting. Probably because we don’t have a definitive recognisable style, or one that’s too blatantly ours. We adapt our approach based on the needs of each shoot which results in quite varied aesthetics in our work.


We edit on two PC’s with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Speedgrade (Adobe applications through Adobe Creative Cloud).

If you want to enquire about the possibility of us shooting or editing something for you, get in touch with us today.


Ocean & Earth TV Commercial

On what was undeniably a very challenging shoot we found ourselves contending with heat, dust, glaring sunlight, strong winds and filming around learners operating heavy machinery for this TVC (Scary!… But they were very careful of us and we kept a safe distance most of the time). Changing lenses was a tricky process, we were […]

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Chawa.C – I Think I Love You Music Video Production

In this blog I discuss how this music video came about and the process that went into shooting it. I won’t be discussing post production as that was handled by the multi talented Chawa.C himself. In March I got an email from Chawa who had seen a previous clip I did for Holly Denton, Another […]

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Ditty (The Adventures of Johnny Stenchfoot) – Oumi Kapila & Chris Reeve

A couple months back we we’re asked to shoot an instrumental studio music video clip for a track written by Oumi Kapila and Anthony Cormican. We didn’t edit it, that amazing work was done by the multitalented Chris Reeve (drums). It was a fun opportunity for us to think on our feet for a few […]

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